2019 Annual NHS R&D Forum Bookings

Book online for your places at RDF19. To book online you will need to follow the simple 3 stage process.

1. Specify the invoice details (your organisation and contact details)

2. Add delegate detail (you can add multiple delegates to the same booking if desired) and select what you wish to book for

3. Finalise the invoice and submit for payment or make online payment


There is no hotel accommodation available. All our allocated hotel rooms have been booked. You can still book to attend each day of the Conference and the Gala Dinner. If you would like to enquire in case we have any room cancellations then please email us at rdf19@delegant.co.uk


Access My Invoice/Booking

Reference: RDF19/ if accessing a delegate confirmation please input your delegate reference as XX/YYY
Access Code:



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